Why content is not the “Next Big Thing” in marketing 2

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about content recently. It seems that everyone is talking about content strategy and content marketing, and how its revolutionising the marketing landscape. Content is the shiny new buzzword of the online marketing elite — but is there substance behind the hype? Should you believe the Content Marketing hype? Actually, while […]


Richard Branson talks Social

Why should big business care about social media?

There are lots of ways that Social Media can help larger businesses and enterprises. Social can help the enterprise reach out and engage with their customers more effectively, improve internal communications and employee morale, help them better understand their market and their workforce, improved their customer service and lots more besides. Larger enterprises are still […]

Why we’re getting mobile marketing wrong

‘Whatever the device you use for getting your information out, it should be the same information.’ – Sir Tim Berners-Lee There really is no such thing as mobile marketing… at least not in the way the majority of marketers seem to think about it today. That may seem like an odd statement given that analysts […]


Do you still think Social Media is a fad?

Social media is a phenomenon that’s revolutionising the way consumers engage with brands all over the developed world. While people have always talked about the companies they do business with, today instead of telling five friends in a bar about that bad customer service experience, or crappy product, they’re online telling 50, 500, 5000….   […]

Swagger Wagon… clever online video from Toyota

Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon” videos to promote their Sienna Minivan range are getting lots of attention online. Posted to YouTube on 02 May, the video below had received more than 1.8 million views in 16 days to the time of this post. Toyota teamed with comedy director Jody Hill to create this creative series of online […]

Damian Ryan: The Future of Social Media

My co author on Understanding Digital Marketing, Damian Ryan, kicked off proceedings at the recent Simply Zesty Winter Camp in Dublin. In his presentation he discussed the current state of the digital market, trends, and where he sees things heading in the future. Check out this video of Damian in action, and be sure to […]

LeWeb 2009 – Chris Pirillo talks about community

Interaction and engagement with online communities is fast becoming a fundamental element of online strategy for successful organisations today. Blogs, social networks, review sites and other web2.0 tools and services are changing the way businesses interact with communities around the globe. But as Chris Pirillo points out at LeWeb 2009, the tools are NOT the […]

Call for Online Marketing Case Studies

I’m working on a new book (a follow-up to Understanding Digital Marketing) that will be published by Kogan Page next year showcasing forty of the best digital marketing campaigns in the world. We’re sourcing case studies from various places, and will feature a mixture of different online campaigns in the book, from award-winners to more […]

Understanding Digital: CREATIVE coming to Dublin

Join me and Damian Ryan in Dublin on Thursday 05 November along with  a panel of award winning online marketing creatives to learn how creativity and innovation in your digital marketing campaigns can give your business a boost. Understanding Digital: CREATIVE will take place at the National College of Ireland in the city centre from […]

Could Social Media marketing really be child’s play? 1

Image by HubSpot via Flickr Social media is the buzzword in online marketing today. It’s still in its embryonic stages, and not nearly as critical to online success, or indeed as measurable, as some more established online marketing channels (search springs to mind as the online marketing granddaddy that dwarfs all others in terms of […]